Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why "Reformed Reactions"?

As I wrote in my first post, this is going to be primarily for reposting comments and discussions on other blogs. That's why this blog is called "Reactions".

The "Reformed" part takes a little explanation. It's too simple a thing to say that I subscribe to Christian Reformed soteriology. For those who don't have a clue what that phrase means, "soteriology" is the category of Christian theology that deals with salvation. "Reformed" refers to the theology that grew immediately out of the Protestant Reformation. But Reformed theologians differed on other areas of theology like baptism and end-times.

There is a school of theology that cropped up among Protestants where their soteriology tends to return back in some way to that of the Roman Catholic Church. I'm not saying it's identical, but it centers on whether fallen people bear some responsibility for their salvation. The debate rages even today among Christians.

I considered not using the term "Reformed" because I didn't want to be provocative in that way. However, it is accurately descriptive of my foundational theology.

But there is another reason why I use the term "Reformed". It could actually be "Reforming". There are some theologians and ministers in this world who seem to have been born perfect. You never see them waver on any issue throughout their long lives in ministry and through all the publications they have made. I'm not so perfect, nor do I pretend to be. The manner in which the Holy Spirit reforms us from one period of our lives to another is instructive. It's helpful to have great men of faith who never waver, but it's also helpful to see how people grow in their understanding of God. So in this sense I am "Reformed" and "Reforming".

So, may you see my Reformation through my Reactions and learn about the one who ultimately Regenerates.

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